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Let’s create a better world together. One person at a time.

Thanks for visiting my digital home. I run a $60M manufacturing company, write, cultivate the People Garden, and trigger talents to create a better world.

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Flowering Essays

Every flower starts as a seed and blooms. I write to trigger people to create a better world. Most of my essays are about business, people growth, and parenting. However, I love to learn new things, and I like to share my ideas with the world. Ready for pollination?

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  • How NOT to appoint managers. Beware of specialists.

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    How NOT to appoint managers. Beware of specialists.

    The biggest challenge for organizations is people care. Indeed, it’s the most valuable asset for creating a never-ending story. An organization without the right people certainly has only that sooner or later, it will die. And the question is: “how do you find the right people”? In my job as the CEO of 8 figureContinue…

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Blooming Thoughts

Every flower starts as a seed and blooms from the plant. Here I share stories and thoughts before they flourish.

Latest Thoughts

Unveiling My Path: Answering 11 Life-Changing Questions

I was scrolling through my Read Later App, Reader by Readwise. There I was to cancel one Twitter Thread I saved, by Black Burge. It contains  11 thought-provoking questions. You know, there are plenty of this “life-changing” tweets out there. But making questions is vital so I decided to assess my life in the forest…

3 big reasons to follow my online journey as a $60M CEO

Everyone has a unique archipelago of ideas to share. The internet offers everyone the possibility to leverage ideas. My 2022 allows me to create a public image that everyone can see. And I knew incredible people who inspired me. I want to express myself, and that’s why it is worth it to follow me. I…

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