Hi! I’m Matteo Cervelli

I’m the CEO of a $20M B2B manufacturing company, Serrall, and Hoshin Kanri leader of the parent company, $60M, Urania

I am the father of two toddlers and a dog.

I am the People Gardener. I create scaling companies driven by a purpose with autonomous people in my garden.

I live in Tuscany, Italy. My town is in the Chianti Area. Visit us. Let’s drink a bottle of wine together.

What I like to do in my Garden

The People Garden is a place to create excellent organizations. It grows self-realized people involved through a purpose.

I see a fil rouge between parenthood, education, and entrepreneurship as the leading role to trigger talent.

I believe that everyone creates in every relationship. The best value comes from people being emotionally safe. I dream of a world where people break the barrier to recognition and let their true selves shine to generate beautiful humanity.

The 3 techniques I use the most to change the companies are Hoshin Kanri, Toyota Kata, and Lean System.

I love to receive feedback.

I write about:

I love to read and learn to gain different perspectives every day.

I love to run, walk and do calisthenics.

I love serendipitous networking.

Bio as a Creator

I graduated in Industrial engineering in 2015 from the University of Pisa.

I am the CEO of a B2B manufacturing company. We are an Italian family group called Urania with a $60M turnover, and I am the “third-generation”. My grandfather started the company in 1979, producing sandwich panels for modular buildings.

In 2015 we bought a company called Serrall, where I became the CEO in 2018, guiding it through a Complete Lean Transformation that transformed us into a principle-first learning organization.

In 2019 I learned that my Why is activating talent to create a better world. I started to change the organizations creating a vision and shared values.

In 2020 I started a project with other friends to create a better world through better organizations. The project is top secret, but something interesting is coming. Stay tuned!

In 2021 I came back to the mother company Panurania and started to craft the concept of a unique Strategy to continue the scaling up of the company. I take care of Strategy, Finance, People, Technology, and Innovation.

Social proof

Name pronunciation

Matteo is pronounced with the emphasis on “ti” like “taw”, and the “e” is pronounced like the “a” in “apple”. It’s mat-t-a-o

Cervelli is pronounced like cha-r-valle but with a loud, funny “r”.

Here’s an audio clip!

Pronunciation of my name

Stay in touch

The best place to find me is Twitter. My DMs are open. Now and then, I also show up on LinkedIn, where my entrepreneur friends live.

And if you want to email me, contact me here.

Take care,