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How NOT to appoint managers. Beware of specialists.

3 mistakes about leadership to avoid. And what to do instead.

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How NOT to appoint managers. Beware of specialists.

The biggest challenge for organizations is people care. Indeed, it’s the most valuable asset for creating a never-ending story. An organization without the right people certainly has only that sooner or later, it will die. And the question is: “how do you find the right people”? In my job as the CEO of 8 figure…

How are you?

“How are you?”.  I never liked this conventional ice-breaker between people, so I usually answer honestly, even when things aren’t “fine”. And people in answer freeze, so I minimize “It will pass”. People don’t care how you are. However, these days, I can’t stand this question. So I skip the answer. But not today, today…

The Unpoor Society Utopia

Imagine a world where poverty doesn’t exist and people don’t have to fight for money to be alive. 


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