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The Best Skill to Grow if You Want to Be a Great Leader

Leaders of great organizations focus all efforts on finding their successors.

The most successful bosses don’t micromanage.

Instead, they help people to have greater responsibility.

And to make this, the leader’s role change from a problem solver to a people enabler.

On the other hand, micro-management has bad side effects:

Here is what great leaders do, instead.

Great leadership is a combination of humility and will.

Jim Collins, former Stanford professor and author of “Good to Great”, calls them “Level 5 Leaders.”

Collins examined organizations who leaped Good to Great.

The takeaway is that their leaders are not only focused on achieving results.

Indeed, they observe the brutal facts and act accordingly.


Because it is the best way to help the next-in-line leaders.

Leadership is learning not on processes but people.

Great leaders are probably the smartest people in the room.

Yet, this is only an outcome of their scientific investigation.

Instead, they focus on value creation.

Eliminating waste is their mission.

They don’t do it alone, but they foster others’ engagement.


Outstanding leaders make propelling questions to help associates’ self-learning.

The organizations evolve through challenges won by people.

Great leaders drop impossible challenges.

And their associates reach them.

That is why it is vital to work with people and elevate their confidence.

In great organizations, you expect people to be excited about challenges.

The final consideration is that great organizations don’t believe people are a treasure.

Great people are.

And they help them to change the world.

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