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The People Garden: A Safe Place For People To Create A Better World

Great organizations are built on great people.

The People Garden is the place to create excellent organizations. It grows self-realized people involved through a purpose.

Here are the 4 pillars of The People Garden.

The Purpose of Beauty

Everyone loves flowers because they are beautiful.

Great people make organizations beautiful when they vibe at the same frequency. How to spot the resonance? With the purpose! The purpose attracts people.

The Garden triggers people with a common purpose to change the world.

Autonomous Blooms

Every flower of the Garden knows how to bloom.

The People Garden fosters self-directed companies with people that act with autonomy. The purpose deployed in an organizational challenge drives them. The leaders align people with coaching and data.

The yoke is lighter when everyone pulls in the same direction.

Scale-Up to Pollinate

The purpose of the Garden attracts bees.

You can’t live on purpose in a world of destruction. The People Garden fosters the creativity of individuals in opposition to destruction. When an organization scales, it frees the space for newcomers

Scaling up organizations are a safe place for actual creation.

The parents’ sowing

To make a flower, you need a seed.

Children are the future of Mankind. But society favors preassembled children. The People Garden creates a School of Parenting. Parents use coaching skills to grow children not broken by stereotypes.

A parent’s focus is not to live a beautiful life in a postcard house but to help children be themselves.

Photo by Nature Uninterrupted Photography on Unsplash

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