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The Unpoor Society Utopia

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Imagine a world where poverty doesn’t exist and people don’t have to fight for a scarce resource like money to be alive. 

Welcome to the Unpoor Society.

In the Unpoor Society, knowledge and love are the unique currency, and everyone is linked to a collective mind. You don’t need to fight for wealth and food. You know you will have the money and the availability. 

I dream of a world where working is not a duty to survive but a way to express themselves. 

It’s a creative world where if people work, the fruit of the work of one person is for everyone, not distributed but multiplied.

Wealth is not scarce, is not concentrated, and it augments continuously.

Governance in the Unpoor Society

Collective Intelligence runs the world. 

People are all connected through a Decentralised Autonomous Mind that takes energy from the creativity of every person. Like-minded people resonate in a continuous stream of consciousness between people so that everyone knows what’s happening without the need to waste time reading the news.

There is no person, but the goodness of Collective Intelligence rules everything.

What is it like to live in the Unpoor Society?

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You wake up without complaining about how harsh it is to work for money.

You don’t have to. You do want to work to create a world that thrives in the beauty of people’s connections in the web of love. It’s as if every person in the Unpoor Society has a Love Coin to share in the relationships. Every time you have a meaningful relationship with someone, the Love Coin is deposited in the Love Bank of the recipient without any withdrawal. Every connection doubles the Love Coins people can use.

Wealth’s exponential is limitless. The Love blockchain continues to expand based on the encrypted thoughts of people in their minds, connected via the chain itself. Everyone knows, but everyone receives the impression based on their awareness.

How to increase the world’s amount of Love Coins? It’s easy. Talk with people:

And that’s why the Unpoor Society defeated deception. 

People don’t fool you. In this world, stealing doesn’t exist because you have no benefit from the status you get when you steal wealth. It’s an infinite currency,

You don’t have to negotiate and assume they are trying to fool you somehow or another.

And if people don’t fool you, empathy is a foundational skill that everyone applies, trying to fit in other shoes and grow up a better consciousness day by day. 

What are the models behind the Unpoor Society?

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The Unpoor Society is a model based on significant inspiration.

First, the Italian economic system resembles a Distributed Wealth System. 

Italian entrepreneurship spreads creativity among “Small Medium Enterprises”, where creatives and artisans are small pieces linked together.

The current situation is not as prosperous as with the Renaissance guilds. Moreover, it has been corrupted by the tendency to want to be “smart” about people.

However, it is an excellent model to foster the idea of a more distributed wealth.

The second model is the Grameen Bank and the microcredit world. It is a different economic system developed from scratch by the Nobel prize Muhammad Yunus in Bangladesh in 1976. The model is worth over $200M, based on people building small art and sharing their creations with the world.

Lastly, the Creator Economy we are living in. In this “bubble,” people spread wealth based on the work from their minds, connect, help each other, and everything seems polite and full of life. Going deeper from the surface, it is tough to emerge in the digital world, and people struggle, and you see mostly the successful people. But the pillars of Creator Economy stand on the power of meaningful networking and a distributed way of learning based on what matters to you as the next step.

The Unpoor Society is a Utopia. But I have a dream. For my daughters, we are all linked to the past and future. I dream of a world with people related to creating a new world of beauty.

An Unpoor World.

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