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Unveiling My Path: Answering 11 Life-Changing Questions

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I was scrolling through my Read Later App, Reader by Readwise. There I was to cancel one Twitter Thread I saved, by Black Burge. It contains  11 thought-provoking questions.

You know, there are plenty of this “life-changing” tweets out there. But making questions is vital so I decided to assess my life in the forest dark, midway upon the journey of my life.

My daughter were looking at Frozen 2 in a lazy afternoon, so… Why not? I decided to dive in and answer each of them. In this article, I’m excited to share my introspection and the goals that have sprouted from these inquiries.

#1. What’s 1 thing you can get done now?

The first question encouraged me to identify the most crucial task I can accomplish at this very moment.

As I pondered this, I realized that publishing a new article on my website is the immediate goal I can tackle. It’s about taking action and turning aspirations into reality.

It’s 2 years I started a public journey, I passed through lots of exciting things, like a Guide to work with me with autonomy, and a bit of depression, that I finally decided to share online here.

So I stopped writing. But I invested a lot, participating in incredible learning experience, cohort-based, like Building a Second Brain, by Tiago Forte, Ship 30 for 30 with Nicolas Cole and Dickie Bush, and the incredible Write of Passage by David Perell that incentivate me to open my blog.

I feel the importance of writing online, but I have many obstacles. It’s time to start again.

I finally decided to bite the bullet and start working on a new article for my website. It was the same sort of excitement I felt when I started my public journey two years ago – a mix of nervousness and exhilaration.

#2. What do you need to make it happen?

Deciding on a topic for the article felt like watching a movie trailer – exciting glimpses into potential ideas, generated from my past experiences and the skills I gathered over the years.

To give some context, these days I did an exercise from my Ship 30 for 30 experience, the Endless Idea Generator, which is one of the most importance concept explained from Dickie Bush.

In this case, I used a virtual assistant, Chat GPT 3.5 (Free). First, I did the 2-year test to list out briefly what I learned or experienced for the first time during the last 2  years, than I chose what I find more valuable and asked ChatGPT, with a specific prompt, to elaborate for me a list of 10 skills to write about and furthermore 3 articles that I can write about those skills.

#3. In what areas of my life am I settling?

This question struck a chord with me, urging me to explore areas where I may be settling for less than I deserve. As I reflected, I recognized that there are certain aspects I want to elevate.

I want to change the world. Or, as I am saying with more humility recently, I want the world to be a better place also thanks to me, striving to create a significant impact. 

And I know that the best way for me to make it is leading organizations. In particular, the one that my family grew until now, Urania Group. And to help the company to grow I need to be an empathetic leaders, it’s the only style I can apply effortless. I want other people to grow, creating a flourishing environment.

And beside all of this, I need to live and to take sap from the only stable thing I have, my beautiful family, my wife, my daughters and my dog.

In a list:

Blake Burge says in his thread: “Want uncommon results? Take uncommon action.”

Uncommon results require stepping out of the comfort zone and taking bold actions.

I’m reminded that meaningful change comes from pushing boundaries and embracing the unfamiliar.

It’s here that a Social presence is my unfamiliar. And the powerful space where I can sing my voice, directing my life’s bumpy ride to crystal clear vision.

#4. What do you want your life to be in 5 years?

If I want to change the world I need to set challenges into what I can influence. In this case, my family and my organization. And my online community.

I see my five-year plan as a challenging mountain hike: the peak signifies the goal of driving my organization, Urania Group, to the top of modular construction in Europe. To make it, I work to ascend to the sole CEO position by 2027 and, before, co-CEO with my uncle by 2024. A swift decision-making process will fuel strategic growth.

My commitment to my family will manifest in regular quality time and presence. I want to create meaningful examples for my daughters, collaborating with my wife. This is possible only being present when things happens and sharing between each other frequent feedback.

With 100k followers online by 2025, I’ll engage in teaching, events, and networking.

Again, from Blake: “In most cases, someone else has already done what you’re trying to do.”

There’s no need to reinvent the wheel. Successful individuals and companies have paved the way. I’m eager to identify those leaders, learn from them, and establish companionships that enhance my public image and the capabilities of myself and my team. I feel so unsuitable and full of defects as a leader.

#5. Where will your life be in 5 years if you continue doing what you are doing today?

This query reminds me of trudging on a treadmill. The motion signifies progress, but in reality, without unveiling a compelling vision, I wouldn’t get far.

What I must avoid doing is repeating the same thing over and over and expecting different results. Breaking free from repetitive patterns and embracing change is essential for growth. To evolve, I must adopt new strategies and approaches.

Note: this was the hardest question to answer.

#6. What would I do if I wasn’t scared?

Fear can hold us back from sharing our insights and thoughts.

The thought of a social presence often feels like an oncoming storm- threatening and awe-inspiring. I aspire to stand eye-to-eye with this challenge, opening up to the world with my ideas

The social presence is my most awful fear in this moment, together with the “will I be good or I will destroy the company and the life of the families, customers and suppliers benefitting from its success?”

I have to work to be a better leader, again and again. But I focus to state that I recognize my fear of being judged by customers and employees in my social, public image.

Everytime I sell a part of me in one article of mine, I fear my ideas may not be well-received. I’m challenged to conquer these fears and embrace vulnerability. This article is a first step.

This fear made my hiding behind Twitter and my blog (yes, they are there, but with a terrible SEO and visibility) writing in English to be less readable from people in my Italian company.

#7. What’s stopping me from doing the things I know I should be doing?

My public image is like the tip of an iceberg, what lies beneath- the fear of rejection and inadequacy, remains hidden but ever-present. It is time to unearth and overcome these fears.

It’s time to start conversations that enhance my image, elevate Urania as a seller and employer, and drive positive change.

The public image is essential, I have to focus on build a better company, scale the business while being a present leader and increase the networking to create an inbound/outbound effect for strategic decisions.

#8. Would you rather have less work to do, or more work you actually enjoy doing?

“It is supposed to be hard”. David Perell, this phrase stucks with me.

For me, work isn’t a chore but a symphony, and more often than not, it is the challenging sections that create the most beautiful music.

I work hard, I will work harder, it’s the only way I know.

However, quality over quantity prevails. I choose work that aligns with my passion and brings me joy.

I see the life of my grandfather and my uncle. They showed me a value I underestimate: consistency. it’s not a sprint, it’s not a project. it’s a long, long marathon. Luckily, I run fast for a long time.

#9. Am I surrounding myself with the right people?

In my opinion, “right people” = “Positive people that challenge you, making you feel stupid, stretching you to dig deeper”.

Imagine being in a group of high-performing athletes – their energy, ambition, and drive inspire you to go faster, run harder. I strive to create such an environment, fostering my growth.

“You are the mean of the 5 people you spend the most time with”. I listed 3 that I want to increase the time spent with, making business together. Then I have my wife and other people who has the duty to make me remember that we have God by our side and that being humble is the most important value that exists.

I won’t name any, but I know what to look for.

Curating a network of positive-sum individuals who share common goals is pivotal.

I’m dedicated to nurturing relationships that foster growth and collaboration, both inside and outside my industry.

#10. How do I want the world to be different because I lived in it?

As a kid, I used to construct imaginative cities with blocks. Now, as an adult, my blocks are my company, my innovative ideas, and my drive to create beautiful spaces that directly contribute to societal welfare.

I aspire to be a leader in revolutionizing offsite construction as a solution to global housing challenges.

While my individual importance isn’t central, I aim to contribute significantly to a better world. I dream of improving the lives of those within my company and spreading positive change.

I believe in the power of beauty. I believe that beauty can save people from destruction. I want my company to be an enabler for beautiful spaces where to live, work and study. A better environment leads to welfare that leads to better behaviors. We must avoid separating cities into shanty and shiny neighborhoods. This leads to creativity and generate a better world.

Additionally, I want to create a hub in Valdelsa that connects people and fosters innovation, similar to what Dallara did. I’m determined to support other companies through a private family fund where I can serve as a board member.

#11. Why not?

And Why not me? And Why not now.

I heard a crack. The punch that hit me with this question was very strong.

I need a new lighthouse, and focus again on a mission. But mantaining the small experimentations I am doing lately. There’s space to improve.

It’s like standing on the edge of a diving board, looking into the deep pool below. There’s fear, yes, but there’s an undeniable pull of excitement too. It’s time I take the plunge.

Isn’t it?

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